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  1. Deli 9915 CN Anion Cross Cut Shredder
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 January, 2015.

    Deli 9915 CN Anion Cross Cut Shredder

    Price:  AED960.75

    • on 9915 net shredder • Shredding type: Cross-Cut • Shredding capacity: (70g / A4) 10sheets • Shredding effect: 3x15mm • Security Level: S4 • Confetti bucket capacity (L): 21 • Noise (dB): less than 55dB • Power: 255w • Dimensions (LxWxH): 370x235x545mm • Feed speed: more than 2.0m / min • CD: Yes • Credit cards: No • Shred speed: ≥2m / min • Shredding capacity 10 A4 • Shredding effect 3x15mm • CD can be broken • Automatically senses feed • Automatic reverse • Paper full alarm • With anion may request a new air • 10 minutes of continuous shredding • Built-in negative ion generator • Plug in the power began to release negative ions, easy clean up the air, the effective area of 20 square meters
    1.50 db mute standard library class, ultra-GB (55 db), Office quieter 2. Appearance tough, elegant lines, color simple atmosphere, with the perfect blend of high-grade office environment

    Product Highlights: 1. Automatic release negative ions, combined with oxygen in the air ions become negative oxygen ions, enjoy carefree breathing 2. anion with dust and other harmful substances in the air combined settlement with clean indoor air 3. inhaled negative oxygen ions can activate the body physiological activity, ease of mind, improve work efficiency 4. Super shredding capabilities, to protect company secrets, mute standard class library, quiet comfortable
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