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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 March, 2015.

    Eagle CB430e Electrical A3 Heavy Duty Comb Binding Machine

    Price:  AED3,499.00

    *Double wire binding machine
    *Paper punching hole
    *Large format A3 SIZE
    *Oxidized surface, metal material
    *Heavy duty binding machine, with Powerful punching capacity
    * Powerful binding capacity, with adjust size guide determined which format size can be use
    *Width 430MM can punch odd size format
    *Punching up to 25sheet per time
    *29 Disengagement punch pins
    *500sheets binding capacity
    *Use all size of plastic comb from 6mm-50mm
    *Side margin is adjustable to select which format sheet to punch
    *Depth margin is adjustable to suit the size of comb being used
    *All aluminium construction make it durable and many years worry free.
    *Punching Capacity : 25 Sheets
    *Binding Capacity : 500 Sheets
    *Dimension: 58.5*52*38.5mm
    *Weight: 20kg
    *Motor : 230V, 50Hz/200W. 110V, 60Hz/200W
    *Place of origin: Hangzhou China
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