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  1. GBC SureBind System 3Pro Strip Binder
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 March, 2015.

    GBC SureBind System 3Pro Strip Binder

    Price:  AED20,998.95

    Binding doesn't get any simpler! The SureBind System 3 Pro is a high volume, high capacity strip binding machine. This heavy duty system easily punches and binds large documents.

    The System 3 is capable of binding secure A4 or A5 documents up to 750 pages making it ideal for large offices with high volume jobs. Surebind™ 10-prong is the preferred choice of office professionals requiring permanently bound, tamper-proof legal or contractual documents.

    Binding is so easy with the System 3 Pro - Punch your document more efficiently with your choice of push button, punch-sensor or foot pedal operation modes. Once the SureBind spine is pushed through the page holes the document is welded securely in place by the SureBind System 3 Pro. The pressure bar simply lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations.

    Page changing is only possible if the weld is broken or by using the debind function on the SureBind system 3 Pro.

    In addition, the Surebind™ 10-prong format allows the secure re-binding of 21-hole documents originally bound using CombBind. This is a very useful feature when moving from the first draft of a document to the final, secure version.
    • Binds up to 750 sheets (80gsm) • De-bind facility for adding or removing pages; Multi-function system which can create wire, and comb binding; The foot pedal creates a hands free option; Special dual blade system; Twin motors allows simultaneous punching and binding • Twin motors allows simultaneous punching and binding • De-bind facility for adding or removing pages • Electric Punching Throat: Punch up to 26 sheets of 80gsm paper in a single lift • Special dual blade system ensures a hot blade is always at the right temperature to cut the pins • Dual Punching Controls: Hands-free foot pedal or push button allows you to choose your preferred punching method • An optional document bind counter to monitor throughput • Binds A4 or A5 documents • Binding cycle 10-18 seconds. (for documents over 1") • Binding cycle 8 seconds or less. (for documents under 1") • Extra large drawer for paper chips and pin debris • Adjustable paper alignment guide
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