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  1. Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 November, 2014.

    Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Price:  AED3,701.25

    Features: • Security Level: 3 • Shred Type: Cross Cut • Shred Size: 3/16" x 1 1/2" • Sheet Capacity: up to 24 • Shred Speed: 17 ft./min. • Bin Size: 16 Gallon • Throat width: 10.25" • Dimensions (WXDXH): 16" x 14.4" x 32" • Weight: 68 lbs • Overview • The Kobra 260 TS C4 is a cross-cut shredder which is designed for shredding a variety of media such as papers, CDs, DVDs and credit cards. • With security level 3, the shredder quickly shreds the material into 3/16x1 1/2" particles. • Due to its secure shredding, it is perfectly suited for the organizations where data security is a critical issue. • It shreds with the speed of 24 sheets per pass which enables it to shred 1000 sheets daily. • The 10.25 inches feed size is pretty much to accept papers and documents of standard sizes. • It has two separate sets of cutting blades for cuttings papers and CDs/DVDs. Its cutting blades are especially hardened so as not to get damaged by paper-clips or staple pins. • The Kobra 260 TS C4 comes with a touch-screen control panel which enables users to operate it without any special training. With a touch of a finger, users can access all its functions. • It is equipped with the load monitoring mechanism which guides the users about the load at which the shredder operates smoothly without any risk of paper-jam. • The shredder automatically turns to automatic reverse mode if it is over-fed with shredding material. • It is equipped with two waste bins for separate collection of paper waste and CDs/DVDs waste. • The waste bin has the capacity of 16 Gallon which is quite acceptable for high-volume shredding. • The shredder is made energy smart with a special energy saving mechanism. • When idle for 8 seconds, it shifts to the energy saving mode. Similarly, it disconnects itself from main power if it is not used for hours. This way, it conserves a lot of energy. Being user-friendly, the shredder is quite easy to maintain. It can be attached to an automatic oiling system to avoid the hassle of manual oiling.
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